Internal Tie Pole

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Internal Tie Pole

In this guide, you’ll find instructions on how to change the internal tie pole on most cars. Changing the internal tie pole takes about one to 2 hrs. Internal Tie Pole.

It requires that you remove the front wheel and detach the external tie pole before changing the internal tie pole. It’s important to bear in mind that you’ll need to obtain the front wheels lined up after you have changed the internal tie pole.


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How to change the internal tie pole
What you’ll need
Components Required

Internal Tie Pole

Devices Needed

Auto technician Toolset
Internal Tie Pole Elimination Device


Internal Tie Pole. If you have actually never ever changed the internal tie poles on a car, you might fidget about the treatment on how to remove the internal tie pole. Do not worry because it’s easier compared to you believe to remove the internal tie pole.

Park your car on a degree surface.
Boost the front tire on the side where you need to change the tie pole.
Place jack stands to support the car.
Detach the internal tie pole from the external tie pole.
Remove the boot from the internal tie pole.
Remove the internal tie pole using the internal tie pole device.
Re-install the internal tie pole backwards purchase.
Re-install the external tie pole and torque the screws to spec.

How are you aware if internal tie poles misbehave?

Boost the car on one side.
Grap your wheel at 3 and 9 o’clock.
Attempt to move the wheel out and in.
If you notice any movement at the internal tie pole boot / internal tie pole, that means there’s excessive wear at the internal tie pole. Internal Tie Pole.

That’s The Discussion Internal Tie Pole.


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