Everything You Need to Know About Walmart EverStart Car Battery

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Everything You Need to Know About Walmart EverStart Car Battery

Many individuals are surprised to find out that Walmart offers car batteries. Everything You Need to Know About Walmart EverStart Car Battery.
In truth, few individuals know that Walmart is among the biggest sellers of car batteries in the US.

Walmart Car Batteries
Walmart Car Batteries in Automobile Area

At most Walmarts, you’ll find an automobile area towards the rear of the store where you’ll see several racks full of car batteries.

Based upon our research Walmart offers the best prices on car batteries. We contrasted Walmart battery prices to auto component stores such as Advance Auto AutoZone and Components.

Having actually formerly bought 4 Walmart car batteries, we want to give you an understanding and answer some common questions that most individuals have regarding Walmart car batteries.

How a lot is a car battery at Walmart?

Walmart car battery prices range from $65 completely up to $140. The battery’s price depends on the battery dimension and quality (Worth, Plus, Maxx).

For instance, we were looking for a brand-new battery for a Europen vehicle.
Walmart battery price

At our local Walmart, the battery was listed for $129.76.
Walmart vs advance auto components battery

The same dimension battery was listed for $200 at Advance Auto Components.
Walmart car battery vs advance

Everything You Need to Know About Walmart EverStart Car Battery. Advance Auto Components also had a less expensive alternative valued at $131.99, but this had a much shorter warranty.
Autozone vs walmart car battery

The same dimension battery was listed for $159.99 at the local AutoZone component store. AutoZone battery line is known as Duralast.
Based upon our research, Walmart offers the best prices on a brand-new car battery and very affordable warranty terms.

Battery prices differ by team dimension. Most batteries at Walmart range from $65 up to $140, while the average price for a Walmart battery is $98. The price of the battery will differ as it depends on 2 factors:

battery dimension
battery-grade (Worth, Plus Maxx).

How do I choose the right Walmart battery for my car?

When you buy a car battery from Walmart, make certain to suit the team dimension. Your old battery should have the team dimension published on top. Sometimes, the team dimension isn’t published on the old battery, or organizing may vary from what Walmart uses.
To find the correct Walmart car battery for your car, you can also use the Battery Finder device developed by Walmart.

Along with the battery dimension (team size), we suggest choosing a battery with Chilly Cranking Amp (CCA) and Cranking Amps (CA) that are as shut as feasible to the battery that’s installed in your car. Everything You Need to Know About Walmart EverStart Car Battery.

Are Walmart car batteries any great?

So your next question is probably, “Are Walmart batteries any great?”

All the batteries we bought from Walmart have lasted as lengthy or much longer compared to the warranty duration.

Is it feasible that a Walmart battery will fail before the warranty ends? Definitely. But if that does occur, you’re protected by the warranty.

If that holds true, visit any Walmart store to obtain a free substitute. You do not also need the invoice.

We have found that Walmart car batteries are as great, otherwise better, compared to DieHard batteries cost Advance Auto Components and Duralast batteries sold by Autozone.

For the length of time do Walmart car batteries last?

For the length of time a Walmart car battery lasts depends if you have actually EverStart Worth, Plus, or Maxx.

Base upon our experience, the EverStart Worth can last in between 2 to 3 years. While the first-rate, EverStart Maxx lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 years.

The exact life of a Walmart battery depends on how often the battery is the environment and used. In cold environments, the battery will not last as lengthy.

This brings us to the next question: ” For the length of time is the warranty on Walmart car batteries?”.

For the length of time does Walmart guarantee batteries?

Everything You Need to Know About Walmart EverStart Car Battery. All new Walmart batteries come with a one, 2, or three-year warranty. The warranty duration differs based upon battery quality, Everstart Worth, Maxx, and Plus.

Each quality has a various warranty duration.

Worth Power: Free substitute within ONE year of purchase
EverStart Plus: Free substitute within TWO years of purchase
EverStart Maxx: Free substitute within THREE years of purchase. Prorated warranty from year 3 to 5. No warranty at all after 5 years.

Various batteries have various guarantees, so you should inspect the warranty for the battery that you buy.

The return is relatively pain-free, other than that it must be done at the automobile solution workdesk. The specialist may test your old battery to determine if your battery misbehaves or otherwise.

Does Walmart install car batteries free of charge?

Walmart will install a car battery free of charge. Still, free battery installation solution is just available at Walmart stores with an automobile solution division, common in most Walmart Supercenters.

Although all Walmart stores sell car batteries, not all stores are supercenters; therefore, they don’t have an automobile solution facility. If you buy the battery from among those stores, you’ll need to install it on your own.

If you need help installing a car battery, we have detailed overviews on installing a car battery on many models and makes.

What does battery core charge imply?

Walmart charges a $12 core charge, which should show on your invoice.

Once you install the new battery, reclaim the old battery to obtain the core charge reimbursed back for your card. Everything You Need to Know About Walmart EverStart Car Battery.

How does the Walmart battery warranty work?

If your battery quits working within the warranty duration, you’re qualified to switch it out for a substitute battery at no charge.

If your car battery no much longer holds a fee, take it back to a Walmart store to obtain a substitute. Simply make certain you’re still within the warranty duration.

If you do not remember when you bought the battery, appearance for a sticker label on the battery side. It has the month and days the battery was bought.

The battery no much longer holds a fee.
Rust or battery leak
The battery situation starts to lump.
The battery will not charge to its complete capacity.
The battery will not begin your vehicle.

Bear in mind that if you mistreated the battery, you might not obtain a free substitute. Listed below you’ll see the kinds of problems that are not protected under warranty.

If your battery was damaged.
The vehicle was associated with a mishap, and the battery was damaged.
The battery is left subjected to outside was ruined and aspects.
You installed the battery backward.

Eventually, your Walmart store has the last say, and it’s at their discernment to earn that decision.

Can I obtain a Walmart car battery changed if I have no invoice?

Walmart will trade a poor car battery also if you have actually no invoice as lengthy as the battery was purchased a Walmart store and is still under warranty.

The battery has a serial number tag, and the store partner can use this number to determine when the battery was bought.
Car battery day
Day Sticker label Shows Battery Produced on 9/2014

If you’re uncertain how old your Walmart battery is, appearance at the month/year sticker label on the battery.

How do I claim a Walmart battery warranty?

Everything You Need to Know About Walmart EverStart Car Battery. To claim the Walmart Battery Warranty, you must visit the solution workdesk at your local Walmart Auto Treatment Facility.

You can visit a various store, but if you visit the same store it was bought from, they might have the ability to search for your initial invoice if you can provide the purchase day.

Furthermore, the serial variety of your battery might aid in determining the purchase day.

Can you return a car battery to Walmart?

Walmart’s plan allows you to return a car battery as lengthy as it has not been installed. How does Walmart know that the battery is installed?

Because the battery messages typically have notes made by battery terminals.

That makes Walmart Everstart car batteries?

Walmart uses various manufacturers to earn the Everlast batteries. That produced the Everlast battery cost your local Walmart depends on the US area where the battery has been sold.

Most EverStart and are made by Johnson Manages, which is known as Clarios since 2019. Various other manufacturers that make Everstart batteries are Eastern Penn Manufacturing and Unusual Power Systems.

In the previous, Walmart may have used Exide. Presently, Exide isn’t production Walmart batteries which we verified by calls Everstart +1 (888) 387-8278. On May 19, 2020, Exide (and 4 subsidiaries) declared Phase 11 insolvency protection to facilitate the sale of its North American possessions.

Johnson Manages is the world’s biggest battery manufacturer worldwide. The proprietor of global brand names such as Varta, LTH, Heliar, MAC, Delkor, and also Optima is the single producer of all Wal-Mart Everstart Batteries. Johnson Manages and Wal-Mart partnered with each other back in 2010.

Does Walmart buy old car batteries?

Walmart does deny old car batteries. Unless you buy a brand-new battery from Walmart, they’ll give you a $12 core credit for the old battery.

This is looked after immediately if Walmart changes your battery.

You can take the old battery to the store after installing the new one in your car, if you intend on changing the battery on your own. If your invoice shows a core charge of $12, you can obtain it reimbursed if you return the old battery. Everything You Need to Know About Walmart EverStart Car Battery.

Does Walmart inspect car batteries free of charge?

Walmart Auto Treatment Facility will test and install a brand-new battery free of charge.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all Walmart stores have Auto Car Treatment Centers. Typically Walmart Supercenters have auto treatment centers, so those will test your car battery free of charge.

Because most Auto Car Centers are very busy, it may take anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes for them to test your battery.

You can test your car battery on your own using a simple and user friendly Car Battery Tester, if you do not have a Walmart Supercenter nearby.

This video clip demonstrates how to test a car battery on your own.

Does Walmart sell Interstate batteries?

No, Walmart doesn’t sell Interstate batteries. Walmart offers its own brand name of batteries known as EverStart.

How to Contact EverStart

Client Solution

(800) 925-6278 Walmart EverStart Department
(866) 496-1999 – Johnson Manages


(479) 273-4314 – Worldwide reporters

Final thought

Walmart car battery final thought

Everything You Need to Know About Walmart EverStart Car Battery. In our option, Walmart is among the best places to buy a brand-new car battery.

Walmart’s car batteries are of high quality, dependable, and last a very long time. Walmart batteries are made by Johnson Manages, which makes some of the best batteries n the globe, consisting of VARTA.

Walmart also has the best prices on new car batteries. The warranty duration resembles what you’ll receive from batteries you purchase from Interstate, Advance Auto Autozone, and Components.

The just point to bear in mind is that although you can buy a brand-new car battery at any Walmart store, just supercenters with auto solution centers will install it free of charge. Walmart doesn’t charge to install a brand-new battery. If you buy it from a shop with no auto solution facility, you’ll need to install the battery independently.

Installed walmart car battery

If you need to find out what Walmart battery fits your vehicle, use the Battery Finder device.

There are 3 kinds of Walmart car batteries known as Valupower, Everstart Everstart Maxx, and Plus.

Warranty coverage for each kind is as complies with:

The worth powers are all 1 year free substitute with the invoice.
The Everstart plus batteries are a 2-year free substitute with the invoice.
The Everstart Maxx batteries are a 3-year free substitute with 2 years prorated.

You can still return the battery (as lengthy it’s still in warranty) and obtain a substitute, but you’ll need to pay tax obligations based upon the battery’s price, if you shed the dish. Everything You Need to Know About Walmart EverStart Car Battery.

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